To Live

Live with sincerity and substance 

You don’t have to have an opinion on every latest controversy. You can live your life perfectly well without even knowing about most of them. 

Indeed, there are so many much better directions in which to focus your attention. Your life is longing to be richly lived, not to be tediously argued about. 

If you’re eager to assert your perspective, to make a statement, make it with the way you live. That has far greater power than crafting the most highly persuasive argument. 

Avoid falling into an obsession over things about which you can do nothing other than speculate and disagree. Challenge yourself to put your time and energy into truly meaningful pursuits. 

Seek to live with sincerity and substance. Discover new ways to act on your values rather than merely proclaiming them. 

Look beyond the petty bickering and see the possibilities to make life better for everyone. Focus yourself on bringing those possibilities to life. 

— Ralph Marston

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