Just Do it!!!

Achievement Happens

Achievement happens

Every great thing that’s ever been done has been achieved by people who were less than perfect. Everyone has flaws of some sort, and yet people continue to make good things happen all the time in countless ways. 

All the value that’s ever been created has come about in circumstances that were far from ideal. With limited time, with inadequate resources, in the face of complex challenges, achievement happens nonetheless. 

Achievement happens when someone decides to make it happen regardless of what the situation may be. Achievement happens when someone stops criticizing the opportunities and starts acting on them. 

The path to failure is broad and easy while the path to achievement is narrow and much more difficult to follow. Yet achievement happens all the time because people just like you choose to make it happen. 

What would you attempt to achieve if your skills were perfect, if conditions were ideal, if resources were plentiful? Whatever it is, if you wait for all those things to line up perfectly, the opportunity will fade away. 

Achievement happens not because of what you start with, but because of what you’re willing to put into it. Be willing to do what you must with what you have, in the face of imperfection, and achievement will happen for you. 

— Ralph Marston

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