Just Do it!


Success is when you take action

The foolproof way to convince people you’ll do something is to do it. Promises can be broken, delayed, amended, but actions and results cannot be denied.

The best way to sell yourself is to be yourself, without pretense, with sincerity and enthusiasm, with action. Your actions are far more compelling than any words or mere appearances could be.

If you wish to make a great impression, then accomplish something truly impressive. Spend your energy creating real, unique value and you won’t have to be concerned with what others think.

It’s great when you do what you say you’re going to do. What’s even better is when you don’t need to say what you’re going to do because it has already been done.

Don’t wait to be prodded, don’t hold off until conditions are perfect. Just move forward, take action, see a need and fill it, recognize a problem and solve it.

Success is when you go beyond wishing, planning, talking, and promising. Success is yours when you take action.

— Ralph Marston

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Deal with It!

Opportunity in the trouble

When trouble arrives, don’t cower in the corner feeling sorry for yourself. Stand tall and make it better.

When a challenge arises, don’t make it into an excuse. March boldly into the heart of that challenge and find what you can turn to your advantage.

Refuse to be offended, insulted, dejected or drained when life fails to go your way. Smile and remind yourself that none of that will do you any good.

Then, engage your ability to choose. Choose energy, choose determination, choose action, choose enthusiasm for making things better.

Being positive in the midst of trouble is not naive, not as long as you affix your positive attitude to positive action. Doing so is shrewd, and a common trait of those who are wildly successful.

The negative circumstance is temporary, yet the way you respond will echo through your whole life. Find the opportunity in the trouble, act on it, turn it on its head and transform it into great value.

— Ralph Marston


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Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get

Add to the richness

Don’t wish for life to be easy, for whether you get your wish or not, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, live, seek, work for life to be meaningful.

Give up the fantasy of everything magically falling into place. Live the truly magical reality of employing your efforts to make each day a little better.

A story in which every good thing effortlessly materializes would be unbearably boring. You wouldn’t want to read about a character with no challenges, and you wouldn’t want to live that way either.

So opt in for the richness, for the challenges and the incomparable experience of conquering them. Remind yourself that the value is built in the investment you make, in the effort you give, in the troubles you work through.

Whatever trophy you get at the end is just a small fraction of the achievement. The real substance of achievement is in the achieving.

And that’s something you can experience every day, with every twist and turn of the journey. What awaits you today is your opportunity to add to the richness.

— Ralph Marston

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Teach only love – that’s what you are

Respond with love

Let love be your first response, for your sake, and for everyone’s sake. Advance goodness in the world, not pain or outrage.

Love always has a place. Love frees you from the burdens of judgment, retribution, and the downward spirals they engender.

When love is your first response, you won’t waste energy on anger, blame, or conflict. Love can soothe the stress of the situation and melt away anxiety.

No matter where others are coming from, you can operate from a perspective of love. Seek to act from genuine love, and you’ll uncover the most beneficial options.

Love will not magically solve all the problems. Love will challenge you to work on truly making the situation better without creating new problems.

— Ralph Marston

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you can do it


You can take it

You can take disappointment and channel it into determination. You can take criticism and use it to change weakness into strength.

You can take a difficult problem and find the positive opportunities in it. You can take an idea and develop it into a valuable advantage.

You can take what doesn’t work and figure out how to improve it so it works well. You can take what does work on a small scale and expand it into new and larger endeavors.

You can take confusion, disorder, noise, and craft it into structure, focus and harmony. You can take a dreary situation and inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into it.

You can do all this by engaging your intention, driven by the power of positive purpose. Every moment is subject to change, and you can choose to make those changes beneficial for yourself and those around you.

Whatever life sends your way, you can take it. And with it you can make something great.

— Ralph Marston

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Success Happens

Outlast every failure

If you’re making your best effort, you’re making progress. When that effort doesn’t bring the results you want, keep going.

To get it right, you’ll probably go through many iterations of getting it wrong. Success happens when you’ve worked through enough failures.

Give yourself enough time to fail, and to fail again. That’s how much time it takes to succeed.

Give yourself permission to fail. That’s how you develop the confidence to succeed.

You know where you desire to be, what you desire to create. With every disappointment, you’re smarter, more focused, closer to the goal.

Learn, adjust, innovate, adapt, and keep going. Outlast every failure and you’ll end up with success.

— Ralph Marston

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Own your Circumstances

Own your circumstances

Stop thinking of it as somebody’s fault. Start treating it as your responsibility.

You’ve learned there’s nothing to be gained by looking for something or someone else to blame. You know you have everything to gain by taking responsibility, by doing something good and useful.

So do it. Break free from the useless need to blame, from resentment, from excuses, and break through into action.

Own your circumstances. Whether they are mostly of your making, or mostly not, step forward and make a positive difference.

Rehashing what this person could have done, what that person should not have done, will only drag you down. Get over it, and focus all your attention on what you can do now.

Own your circumstances, no matter what they are, or how they came to be. Own your circumstances, and from them you will make great progress.

— Ralph Marston

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