Choose wisely

Positive action

Positive action is only a single, momentary choice away from a negative mindset. Make that choice and suddenly you are free of the negativity.

When you are feeling cynical, dismayed, angry, frustrated, decide to abruptly interrupt that pattern. Point your considerable amount of energy in a positive direction.

Whatever may have already happened, there is nothing at all that says you have to continue on a destructive trajectory. You have every reason in the world to turn it all around with positive action.

Imagine how great that transformation will feel. Know that it is absolutely within your power to make it, immediately.

When you’ve sunk into the deepest depths, even a tiny positive change can feel like the best thing ever. Make that change, feel its goodness, its rightness, and build on it.

Activate the control you have, utilize the choice you have and transform a negative perspective into positive action, positive power. Take the energy you’ve paid dearly to generate, and turn it all toward something beautiful.

— Ralph Marston

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Don’t worry be happy – Pee Wee Herman

Live your happiness

Think of something today into which you can pour genuine joy and happiness. Then do it.

You won’t add one little bit of value to the world by being miserable. Take the more positive, productive alternative, and live your happiness.

Expect to find a way, in whatever you’re doing, to live your happiness. Even when you’re not pleased with the situation, you can give the gift of your own happiness to it.

Live your true, authentic happiness and with it, you will make a difference. The happier you choose to be, the more effective, generous, and helpful you become.

Don’t limit your happiness just to certain specific conditions. Employ happiness as a powerful means of adding value to every circumstance.

Get yourself focused on the positive and energized into action. Live your happiness, and live life at your best.

— Ralph Marston

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All Failure leads to success and all success leads to failure

Nobody’s perfect

Don’t hide from your mistakes or pretend they didn’t happen. Own them, embrace them, celebrate them, learn from them and get better because of what you take from them.

When you’ve discovered an error, you’ve found a clear and specific path for improvement. Seize it, dive into it, transform it into new strength and effectiveness.

It is a waste of your time, your life, your energy to deny your mistakes. Even worse, it’s wasted opportunity.

If you try to pretend you’re perfect, that you never make mistakes, absolutely no one will believe you. Yet when you eagerly admit your mistakes and deal with them in a positive manner, people gain great respect for you.

The fact is, from time to time you’ll make a mistake. So make the choice to turn that fact of life into a positive force.

Sure, do all you can to avoid mistakes, but once you’ve made one, transform it into something beneficial. Nobody’s perfect, and in that imperfection is a whole world of progress to be made.

— Ralph Marston


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Thoughts that serve you

Thoughts that serve you

Your thoughts are yours to choose. Choose the thoughts that serve you best.

Think of all you have to be thankful for. Think of the new possibilities being born in every moment.

Think of how great it feels to make a difference, to achieve, to get good stuff done. Think of what you can do, right now, of how you can take action to start moving in a positive direction.

Think of all you love about life. Think of how you can transform the energy of that love into actions to benefit what you care most about.

Think of the strength, the skills, the wisdom you’ve gained from all you’ve been through. Think of the good things you can now do with all that value.

Think the best thoughts, let those thoughts energize and empower you. Then feel the joy and great sense of fulfillment as you put those thoughts into action.

— Ralph Marston


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The Big Picture

Big picture

Step back and look at the big picture. Look at the big picture, and see all the positive possibilities life offers.

Rise above the frustrations and annoyances that always demand much more attention than they’re worth. Remind yourself that you have something unique and valuable to offer the world.

Take a moment to feel how good life can be. Commit yourself to expanding that goodness with your thoughts, words, and actions.

In a world bursting with contrived urgency, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what makes life so precious. Do yourself a favor, and give yourself some perspective.

Imagine that fifty years from now you are looking back on this day, on this time. What opportunities, what possibilities can you see from that vantage, that you might be overlooking right now?

Back away from the noise, and give attention to the beautiful substance of life. See the big picture, and let it inspire the way you live every little moment.

— Ralph Marston

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Life is to Live

Life is to live

This is a unique moment, and you have a distinct perspective on it. Be sure to make good use of the opportunity.

Remind yourself to do more than just watch, wish, complain, opinionate. Make it your business, today, to participate.

There are people who can benefit from your encouragement, from your presence. There are all kinds of situations that can be improved with your efforts, problems that can be solved with your insights.

Life is not to waste, to hoard, to worry about, or to make excuses for. Life is to live.

Life is to live, and here you are, able to do that right now in your very own way. Life is to live, with intention, with love, with wonder, awe, courage and gratitude.

Today offers much you can do, and much regret you’ll avoid by going ahead and doing it. Life is to live, and now is when.

— Ralph Marston

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Heart of authenticity

What if your life memories relied on the intensity of your experience instead of the sophistication of your technology? Would it change the way you approach what you do?

Imagine for a moment that there are no video cameras, no photo sharing apps. How would you make sure that twenty years from now, or even a month from now, you remember this day?

What would you do differently if you were doing it not to create a pretty picture, but to lock in a valuable memory? How would you live this day if all you could put into it were your thoughts, words and actions, and all you could take from it were memories?

Consider how you would live each moment if you never had a single thought of trying to impress others, or of doing something just because it’s popular. Challenge yourself to act from the heart of your authenticity.

Think of being in a place of incredible natural beauty, with no camera. Think of how you would take it all in, to experience it fully, not to merely record it.

Let go of the need to jump through all kinds of hoops for the purpose of projecting a certain image. Experience the genuine beauty of real life as it flows through the person you really are.

— Ralph Marston

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