The only thing in life that never changes – is change

Life is defined by change, from moment to moment, from day to day. Making the most of life means adapting to whatever changes come your way. 

It’s easy to see yourself as a victim, cursed by certain changes. The more powerful response, though, is to see yourself as blessed by the opportunities the changes deliver. 

Deal With it!

Every change is a change you can choose to respond to positively. Instead of focusing on whether the change will be a good one or not, put energy into making it a good one for your world. 

Many changes you cannot control or even anticipate. Yet you can know for certain they will come. 

And you can make the choice right now to make the changes work for the good. When life changes you can up your game, renewing your commitment to what truly matters. 

Changes are what keep life going and progressing, so make change your friend. And put change to work to take you precisely where you choose to go. 

— Ralph Marston

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Just Do It!

Think and do

Put plenty of good thought into what you do. But be careful not to let the thinking crowd out the doing.

Your thoughts make your actions much more effective. However, your thoughts cannot replace your actions.

You cannot exclusively think yourself all the way to the goal, no matter how brilliant you are. Achievement happens when thought and action are dancing together, synchronized, contributing to each other.

You cannot simply think yourself out of a problem. At many points along the way, you must commit your thoughts to action.

If you’re not sure what to do, think about it for a while, but not too long. Then, even with an incomplete, imperfect plan, begin to take action.

Let your thoughts guide your actions, and let your actions inform and clarify your thoughts. Think and do, think again and do more, all the way to the results you desire.

— Ralph Marston

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You Can Do it!
You Can do ANYTHING!

Possibility into reality

Can you write one sentence, and another, and another? Then you can write a book. 

Can you take one step, and a step after that, and another step? Then you can travel a thousand miles. 

What you can do right now may not seem like much. Yet once you do it, you can do it again, and again, and soon you’re making significant progress. 

What you can accomplish today may not be perfect. Yet tomorrow you’ll have the opportunity to improve upon it and add to it. 

Don’t let yourself discount, disparage, or talk yourself out of what you can do right now. Just go ahead and get it done. 

Every time you have the chance, make the effort, do what you can do. Let your own actions show you, again and again, how to make possibility into reality. 

— Ralph Marston

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Step up!

Step up

Step up

You’re at the bottom of a deep hole, in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language. A man comes along and starts shoveling dirt into the hole.

You yell up to him, asking what he’s doing, but he doesn’t understand you and you don’t understand him. He just keeps on shoveling.

So what do you do? You step up.

As each fresh mound of dirt lands at the bottom of the hole, you step up on top of it. Dirt is continually shoveled in, the bottom of the hole rises, and by stepping up you rise along with it, until finally you’re able to step out of the hole.

It doesn’t really matter whether that dirt was intended to bury you or to save you. What matters is your response, your choice to step up, to take action and successfully deal with the situation at hand.

What situation in your life is throwing dirt on you at the moment? Step up, take whatever’s coming at you, and put it to positive use.

— Ralph Marston

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