Take care of yourself

Give yourself a little joy

Tend to the important things, the serious matters, the consequential tasks. But don’t neglect yourself in the process.

In order to be a positive influence, you have to come from a positive place. Give yourself the time, the care, the space to maintain that positive presence.

It’s tempting to put off the simple enjoyment of life until all the problems are solved. But though you can make much progress, the problems will never all be solved.

Give quality time and attention to your own life, not later, but now. Make yourself able to be there for others by being good to yourself.

Though the demands are high and your resources are limited, there are plenty of ways to take good care of yourself. Refuse to use anything as an excuse for neglecting nutrition, exercise, family, friends, and enjoyable moments.

Remember to give yourself a little joy today, and every day. It will help renew your supply of energy to continue making a positive difference in life.

— Ralph Marston

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Invest in healing 

Casting yourself as a victim is a waste of your time and energy. Whether a minor inconvenience appears or a major difficulty arises, you have a much more powerful option. 

Even when you truly are a victim, seeing yourself as such, treating yourself as such, will not improve your situation. What will improve the situation is to take full responsibility for doing something about it. 

Make it your job to actually make things better. The smallest positive action is infinitely more effective than any amount of self-pity. 

Acknowledge the tragedy, the unfairness, the carelessness, the injustice, but don’t make it worse by wallowing in it. No matter who or what is to blame for what happened, you can choose to be responsible for moving positively forward from it. 

You cannot always avoid being hurt. But you never have to continue investing yourself in that hurt. 

— Ralph Marston

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The Better it gets

Better and better 

Each new day is an opportunity to up your game. Each new situation puts you in position to be more thorough and effective at whatever you’re doing. 

If you’re not constantly making improvements, you’ll quickly fall behind. It is not a curse, not a burden, but rather a chance for you to become a better and better version of yourself. 

Incremental improvement makes the passing of time into your friend. And there’s always a way to make some kind of incremental improvement. 

Walk a little more briskly, listen a little more attentively. Be a little more patient and forgiving, focus a little more intently, care a little more deeply than before. 

In every area of your life are constant opportunities for improvement. Little by little, without being overwhelmed, you can gently and enthusiastically make those improvements. 

Don’t leave yourself struggling to catch up. Instead, make the choice in every moment to get a little bit further ahead. 

— Ralph Marston

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This too shall pass
this too shall pass

This Too Shall Pass

This, too, will pass 

One setback is not the end of the world. Even a series of disappointments is not the end of the world. 

Because life by its very nature is dynamic, and things change. The worse the situation becomes, the more desire and incentive everyone has to make it better. 

That series of disappointments, as ominous and pervasive as it may be, will not extend in a straight line to infinity. At some point there will be pushback, there will be improvement, there will be a turnaround. 

Certainly it is useful to anticipate difficulties so you can head them off early. But it’s also important to remind yourself that this, too, will pass. 

Don’t give up on everything just because of a little problem, or a big problem, or a whole string of problems. Instead, keep moving forward as best you can. 

This, too, will pass. And when it does, you can be thankful you continued to invest yourself in a positive future. 

— Ralph Marston

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