Looking Good

Looking good

When you don’t need to impress, you’re free to excel. When not preoccupied with taking credit, you become more effective at taking action.

If you’re not wasting energy on being offended, you have more energy to put into being productive. If you can quickly let go of resentment, envy, anger and frustration with others, you can latch on to the best opportunities.

Improve your trajectory by regularly considering the following question. Do you want to just look good, or do you want to achieve great things?

When your primary goal is to burnish your image, then your image will suffer because even a child can see through that. The best thing for your image is to forget about your image and focus on all the ways you can make a difference.

No one but you really cares how impressive you are. Everyone cares about the authentic value you manage to add to their lives.

Raise your expectations far above merely looking good. You have the ability and the opportunity to actually do good, and that’s a whole lot more satisfying.

— Ralph Marston

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Leap Into the Unknown

Not the easiest

Your greatest blessings often don’t seem like it at the time. Your most valuable experiences are rarely the most enjoyable ones.

Is there something you feel the need to complain about? Instead of complaining, challenge yourself to find the value in it.

If you cannot find any positive value in the situation, challenge yourself to create some. The greatest successes are pulled, albeit with much effort, from the greatest challenges.

Enjoy life’s comforts and pleasures, but don’t let them trap you in endless mediocrity. Some of the most memorable and fulfilling times come when you venture beyond what’s comfortable and predictable.

Fulfillment is not found in a life of ease. To quench your insatiable desire to matter, to make a difference, you must necessarily endure discomfort.

The greatest things you’ll do are not the easiest things you’ll do. And that offers you the profound satisfaction that comes with investing the very best of yourself in life.

— Ralph Marston

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Immune to negativity


Today, you will encounter negativity. But just because you encounter it, doesn’t mean you have to be swallowed up by it.

Accept right now that the world is not perfect, situations are not ideal, and people are inconsiderate to varying degrees. Be ready for the negativity, and be ready to be immune to it.

Negativity is unfortunate. Don’t make it your own misfortune by letting it get to you.

Decide in this moment to inoculate yourself. Decide that you will respond to every situation, every person, with gratitude, respect, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Today, and every day, negativity is not your thing. You always have plenty of better options.

Live as a shining example of how great life can be with a positive perspective. And let negativity wither from lack of attention.

— Ralph Marston

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The Deeper you go


The deeper you go

All people have very real reasons for believing what they believe, for feeling what they feel. Your best strategy is to understand those reasons.

If you want to find common ground, you have to do more than just advocate your own position. You have to listen, understand, empathize, compromise.

Drama and outrage are the junk food of human relationships. Their empty calories quickly satisfy, but provide no lasting nourishment.

Understanding and cooperation are difficult, time consuming, demanding, humbling. Yet they are what produce real progress.

Problems are not solved by shouting, blaming, judgment and recrimination. Choose instead to take a deep breath, let go of anxieties, and get to work creating value.

No matter how much you differ with someone on the surface, the deeper you go, the more you’ll find in common. Do the work, spend the time, care enough to create deep connections, and get great things done.

— Ralph Marston

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Celebrate What’s Right with the world


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Everything that’s right

Here’s an interesting irony. You are able to see what’s wrong with life precisely because there’s so much right with life.

All the good parts give you the luxury of being able to consider what’s not so good. All the things that work correctly enable you to fix what’s broken.

Whenever anything goes wrong, it’s easy to feel dismayed. You’ll be much better off, however, if you use the occasion to remind yourself how good you have it.

Life’s troubles exist within a larger context. That context includes the beauty and abundance of life and all its positive possibilities.

If all you do is obsess over what’s wrong, that disconnects you from your power to move forward. Instead, consider all you still have going for you, so you can make good use of it.

Remember and appreciate everything that’s right with life. Then you can effectively deal with everything else.

— Ralph Marston

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I Have a Dream


The dream inside

Inside you is a dream. Inside you lives a vision of life at its absolute best.

The world will tell you your dream is unrealistic, and it probably is. But being realistic is not the purpose of your dream.

The dream inside has great value, no matter what it is. For it is authentic, it embodies your highest ideals, and it will drive you to do amazing things.

Pay heed often to that dream, for it guides you in a positive, fruitful direction. It shows you what really matters, and pushes you to be your best in every situation.

You live in an abundant universe, but the abundance by itself has no meaning. What’s inside you is what makes it all matter.

Feel that warm, persistent richness of the dream that lives inside. Go ahead, let it give energy and positive purpose to all you do.

— Ralph Marston

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Opportunity to love


Opportunity to love

See it not as a chance to criticize. See it as an opportunity to be patient, an opportunity to love.

See it not as a disagreement. See it as insight into the other person’s perspective.

Get your ego out of the picture and amazing things happen. You don’t have to waste energy being offended, angry, or resentful.

Though you have every right to be frustrated, you have every reason to let it go. Though you are justified in feeling sorry for yourself, that is never your best option.

Focusing on yourself attracts stress. Loving others, loving life and its miraculous beauty, enables peace.

Every encounter, every situation, every moment is an opportunity to love. See the opportunity, take it and live it, now.

— Ralph Marston

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