Dreams cannot die

Fulfilling your dream is good, and arriving at your goal is important. But a successful result is not necessary for the dream, for the goal, to have value.

The beauty of purpose arises in the living of that purpose. And the achievement that occurs along the way is icing on the cake.

That’s not to say achievement is a trivial thing, for achievement is essential if life is to continue. Yet even more essential is the hope for achievement, the desire to achieve.

Dreams cannot die after they’ve already been lived, no matter what the final result may be. You exist at your highest level when you live in the service of a worthy objective.

Even when you end up falling short of the goal, the goal has added value to your life. That value begins to be realized the instant you commit your actions to the goal.

Do all you can to achieve the results you desire. Feel the richness as it accrues in your life, every step of the way.

— Ralph Marston

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