Your “Outside world” is but a reflection of your Inside world

Prepared to be patient

As soon as your day begins, be prepared to be patient. Be prepared to be tolerant, understanding, and forgiving.

Know from the start that someone in your life will do something foolish, selfish, hurtful. For no one you encounter even comes close to being perfect.

But that’s okay, because you can prepare yourself to handle it. You can remind yourself that someone else’s foolishness is not, after all, about you.

You can be so ready in advance for the offenses of others that they don’t offend you at all. You can enable and empower yourself to quickly let them go, and to move positively forward.

There’s no need for the negative behavior of others to waste your energy or drain your spirit. Simply know that it will happen, and when it does, continue with your own highest intentions.

Be ready to encounter the negativity of others. You’ll immunize yourself, and won’t have to make that negativity your own.

— Ralph Marston

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