Give yourself a Goal


Give yourself a goal

Get the best from yourself by giving yourself a goal. Base your decisions in each moment on your commitment to that goal.

Each thought, each action, either moves you toward your desired outcome or away from it. Choose accordingly, guided toward the destination you have decided to reach.

Expand on those thoughts and continue those actions that lead you where you wish to go. Let other thoughts and actions quickly fall away from you.

Life is teeming with influences that can distract and disrupt you, wasting your time and sapping your energy. You cannot avoid all those influences, yet you can solidly immunize yourself against them.

Give yourself a meaningful goal, and give yourself a strategy for staying focused. Decide once, stick with that decision, and at every turn you’ll be clear on what you must do.

Give yourself a goal, and when you reach it, give yourself another. Spend each day aimed in a specific direction, and discover how much great value you can bring to life.

— Ralph Marston

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