Just Do IT!!!

Aim far and focus near

When the details of the moment confound and frustrate you, draw inspiration from the goal, the purpose, the vision you seek to fulfill. When that vision seems hopelessly far away, find solace in your ability to take small yet meaningful steps toward it from right where you are. 

Set your aim high, and set your focus on the moment. Keep yourself aligned with your most treasured dreams, and keep yourself busy with the practical, useful, effective efforts that will bring those dreams to fruition. 

Keep your aim far ahead and keep your focus upon all you can do right now. Let your work benefit from and be inspired by your purpose, and enable your purpose to be fulfilled by your work. 

The big picture will motivate you to keep going. The small details will create the pathway for you to get there. 

Many people dream but never fulfill those dreams, and too many others stay busy but never really are headed anywhere. By aiming far and focusing near, you can be both a dreamer and a doer, someone who follows a dream and actually reaches it.

Give purpose to your actions and actions to your purpose. Aim far, focus near, and work your way to exactly where you want to be.

— Ralph Marston

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