The only thing in life that never changes – is change

Life is defined by change, from moment to moment, from day to day. Making the most of life means adapting to whatever changes come your way. 

It’s easy to see yourself as a victim, cursed by certain changes. The more powerful response, though, is to see yourself as blessed by the opportunities the changes deliver. 

Deal With it!

Every change is a change you can choose to respond to positively. Instead of focusing on whether the change will be a good one or not, put energy into making it a good one for your world. 

Many changes you cannot control or even anticipate. Yet you can know for certain they will come. 

And you can make the choice right now to make the changes work for the good. When life changes you can up your game, renewing your commitment to what truly matters. 

Changes are what keep life going and progressing, so make change your friend. And put change to work to take you precisely where you choose to go. 

— Ralph Marston

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