Realistically hopeful

What has happened, has happened. What you think about it, what you feel about it, what you do about it, that’s all up to you.

There may be ample reasons to feel despair. Even so, you can make the choice instead to be hopeful, and realistically so.

True hope is not an empty fantasy. It is a decision you make about how you intend to move forward.

Being realistically hopeful is being ready and willing to support your hope with your persistent efforts, your attitude, your commitment and priorities. Realistic hope is always possible because the situation will change, and your hope can influence the direction of that change.

Hope is much more powerful than a mere wish for things to get better. Hope energizes you to do the work that will make things better.

The world at times can lay great difficulty upon you. Meet it always with the power of real hope, and let that hope push you to transform each challenge into new achievement.

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