Life changes

Life changes, circumstances change, and so can you. If you have been defeated, you don’t have to remain defeated.

Yes, accept that things are the way they are. But don’t be so zealous in your acceptance that you assume nothing will ever change again.

Change can be a great opportunity when you see it and make use of it as an opportunity. Otherwise, if you simply sit still and hope to avoid the changes, those changes are likely to destroy everything you care about.

Life is dynamic. To be successful in life, you must be just as dynamic, perhaps more so.

Accept that life is always changing, then find ways to get yourself out ahead of those changes. Be willing to change, open to change, enthusiastic about its benefits, and you’ll discover you’re quite good at it.

The dynamic nature of existence is literally what keeps you alive. Embrace change, expand on it, extend it, and you’ll create many new ways to thrive.

— Ralph Marston

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