Deal with It!

Opportunity in the trouble

When trouble arrives, don’t cower in the corner feeling sorry for yourself. Stand tall and make it better.

When a challenge arises, don’t make it into an excuse. March boldly into the heart of that challenge and find what you can turn to your advantage.

Refuse to be offended, insulted, dejected or drained when life fails to go your way. Smile and remind yourself that none of that will do you any good.

Then, engage your ability to choose. Choose energy, choose determination, choose action, choose enthusiasm for making things better.

Being positive in the midst of trouble is not naive, not as long as you affix your positive attitude to positive action. Doing so is shrewd, and a common trait of those who are wildly successful.

The negative circumstance is temporary, yet the way you respond will echo through your whole life. Find the opportunity in the trouble, act on it, turn it on its head and transform it into great value.

— Ralph Marston


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