Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get

Add to the richness

Don’t wish for life to be easy, for whether you get your wish or not, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, live, seek, work for life to be meaningful.

Give up the fantasy of everything magically falling into place. Live the truly magical reality of employing your efforts to make each day a little better.

A story in which every good thing effortlessly materializes would be unbearably boring. You wouldn’t want to read about a character with no challenges, and you wouldn’t want to live that way either.

So opt in for the richness, for the challenges and the incomparable experience of conquering them. Remind yourself that the value is built in the investment you make, in the effort you give, in the troubles you work through.

Whatever trophy you get at the end is just a small fraction of the achievement. The real substance of achievement is in the achieving.

And that’s something you can experience every day, with every twist and turn of the journey. What awaits you today is your opportunity to add to the richness.

— Ralph Marston

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