you can do it


You can take it

You can take disappointment and channel it into determination. You can take criticism and use it to change weakness into strength.

You can take a difficult problem and find the positive opportunities in it. You can take an idea and develop it into a valuable advantage.

You can take what doesn’t work and figure out how to improve it so it works well. You can take what does work on a small scale and expand it into new and larger endeavors.

You can take confusion, disorder, noise, and craft it into structure, focus and harmony. You can take a dreary situation and inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into it.

You can do all this by engaging your intention, driven by the power of positive purpose. Every moment is subject to change, and you can choose to make those changes beneficial for yourself and those around you.

Whatever life sends your way, you can take it. And with it you can make something great.

— Ralph Marston

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