Thoughts that serve you

Thoughts that serve you

Your thoughts are yours to choose. Choose the thoughts that serve you best.

Think of all you have to be thankful for. Think of the new possibilities being born in every moment.

Think of how great it feels to make a difference, to achieve, to get good stuff done. Think of what you can do, right now, of how you can take action to start moving in a positive direction.

Think of all you love about life. Think of how you can transform the energy of that love into actions to benefit what you care most about.

Think of the strength, the skills, the wisdom you’ve gained from all you’ve been through. Think of the good things you can now do with all that value.

Think the best thoughts, let those thoughts energize and empower you. Then feel the joy and great sense of fulfillment as you put those thoughts into action.

— Ralph Marston


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