Celebrate What’s Right with the world


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Everything that’s right

Here’s an interesting irony. You are able to see what’s wrong with life precisely because there’s so much right with life.

All the good parts give you the luxury of being able to consider what’s not so good. All the things that work correctly enable you to fix what’s broken.

Whenever anything goes wrong, it’s easy to feel dismayed. You’ll be much better off, however, if you use the occasion to remind yourself how good you have it.

Life’s troubles exist within a larger context. That context includes the beauty and abundance of life and all its positive possibilities.

If all you do is obsess over what’s wrong, that disconnects you from your power to move forward. Instead, consider all you still have going for you, so you can make good use of it.

Remember and appreciate everything that’s right with life. Then you can effectively deal with everything else.

— Ralph Marston

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