Slight Improvements


Slight improvement

There’s a way you can make a slight improvement to something today. Then tomorrow, you can make a further slight improvement to the improvement you’ve already made.

A slight improvement is easy to make, so easy you can do it every day. And that’s where its great power comes from.

When you build just a little bit each day on top of what you’ve already built, you can build truly great and valuable things. By disciplining yourself to consistently make slight improvements, you end up with major, life-changing achievements.

Too often we strive for sudden, dramatic changes, and almost as often are disappointed when they are beyond our reach. Yet the little improvements, the ones no one notices, are the most reliable and consistent way to move ahead.

To reach the big dreams, find ways each day to take small steps. A slight improvement here, a little progress there, a little more progress on top of that, and soon you have achieved a great deal.

Today is filled with opportunities to make those slight improvements, so seize those opportunities. And have fun knowing that you’re headed steadily and reliably in the direction of your dreams.

— Ralph Marston

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