Do Good!


Do good

The way to feel good is to do good. The way to feel
successful is to take the actions that bring about success.

You cannot truly feel what you do not truly live. Be honest
and authentic with yourself, with others, and with life,
because anything less is just cheating yourself.

Spend this day being a unique and enthusiastic expression of
life’s goodness. See how much of a positive difference you
can make, and experience what a genuine, positive feeling
you get from doing so.

Seek to add richness to the lives of others and be delighted
at how much richness it brings into your own life. Do
something good and useful just because it is the right thing
to do, and discover how right it feels.

Let go of the tiresome fight to gain advantage, and direct
your energy toward appreciating and creating goodness. Move
beyond the need to prove yourself and focus instead on
improving all of life.

Give more and more of your own unique goodness to those
around you, to the world, and to life. And feel the
outstanding richness as it grows increasingly abundant for

Ralph Marston

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