Thoughts and Feelings



Thoughts and feelings

Respect and appreciate your feelings, but don’t allow them to
completely dominate you. Let your feelings inform you,
enhancing and expanding your experience of life, but don’t
let them imprison you.

Your feelings are essential, and connect your awareness to
the very core of who you are. Yet your thoughts, reasoning
and discipline are important as well.

Pay close attention when your feelings tell you to act or to
avoid action. Just don’t let those feelings be the only
deciding factor.

Your feelings will tell you things that your logical mind
cannot. And your logical mind gives you valuable knowledge
and abilities that go beyond the realm of feelings.

You are indeed fortunate to be able to think and to feel.
Allow your thoughts and your feelings to challenge and to
strengthen each other.

Live your life with ever increasing levels of richness.
Think, feel, and fulfill the best that’s within you.

Ralph Marston

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