Choose the Positive!

Choose Positive

Choose the positive

From the exact same situation, you can be frustrated or you
can be inspired. Choose to be inspired.

Whatever the circumstance, you can be filled with fear or
you can be filled with love. Choose the positive energy of

You can see the situation as a problem, or you can see it as
an opportunity. Make the choice to look at it as an
opportunity, and the opportunity will indeed be valuable.

Life is what it is. Yet the way you choose to see it makes
all the difference in the way you are able to live it.

See the positive possibilities, choose the positive
response, and you’ll live a rich and fulfilling life. Go
through each day with a positive perspective, and you’ll
encounter new treasures in every moment.

You always have a choice, and your choice always has its
consequences. Choose positive, and choose the best of all
possible worlds.

Ralph Marston

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