Be Here – Now!

RichnessLive the richness

Stop focusing your thoughts on wanting things, because whatever you want, by definition, you do not have. Instead, put your thoughts, your energy and your efforts into more fully manifesting and enjoying what you already do have, which is everything. When your thoughts are focused on want, those thoughts build a wall of separation between you and life’s immense abundance. As soon as you let go of the want, you begin to see, to feel and to make positive use of the very real connections between you and whatever you envision.Quit telling yourself you don’t have it, and begin realizing that you can already start to experience it. Look at your most treasured dream not as something you hope to achieve someday, but as something that is already unfolding right now as a result of your actions.

Don’t let your highest vision for life become a source of frustration by merely wanting it. Allow it to be a source of inspiration, power, effectiveness and fulfillment by
expressing it in whatever you do.

The path you are on today is connected to another path, which is connected to another path, and another. You have access to the whole of life’s abundance, and by walking the path, step by step, you experience the beautiful fullness of that abundance.Remove the conditions you’ve placed on life’s richness, and see that it is here for you today. Go ahead, live that richness, and create more and more fulfillment as each moment passes.

Ralph Marston

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