Positive Posibilities

motivatorThe positive possibilities

Frustration comes from focusing on what you cannot control.
Achievement, on the other hand, comes from focusing on all
the useful and valuable things you can do.

Resentment comes from seeing yourself as a victim.
Effectiveness comes from stepping up and taking

If you constantly complain that life is unfair, you’ll blind
yourself to the best opportunities. Yet by simply accepting
that what’s done is done, you’ll find a way to make the most
of it.

Don’t waste your time arguing and fighting with life.
Instead, invest your time and resources in inspiring and
encouraging the best in yourself and in those around you.

There is good, positive, fulfilling value to be lived every
day, in any situation. Choose to be the person who shines a
light on that potential value and who brings that value
fully to life.

Let go of the frustration, resentment and despair by letting
the positive possibilities fill your awareness. Embrace and
enjoy the immense power that comes from taking full,
unconditional responsibility for all you are and all you

Ralph Marston

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