Expect a Miracle

Positive spin

Being cynical doesn’t make you more sophisticated. It just makes you miserable.

Being positive doesn’t mean you’re ignoring or denying the problems. It means you’re choosing to move forward with hope rather than languish in despair.

Your attitude doesn’t have to be dictated by the way things are. You can choose your attitude based on where you intend to go next.

A more positive future begins with more positive thoughts. A more satisfying future begins with higher expectations.

You can think whatever you want to think, and feel however you wish to feel. Doesn’t it make sense to focus your thoughts on positive possibilities, to feel hopeful about your efforts?

Whatever is going on, give your attitude a positive spin. And you’ll give your results a major boost.

— Ralph Marston

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The Better it gets – The Better it gets

This is life

Give time and space to your curiosity, your taste for wonder. Let all of life amaze you and enchant you.

Allow this moment to be the way this moment is going to be. Accept its unique value and experience.

Stand in awe of all that is. Find great hope in all that is now possible.

Treasure the beauty of existence as it unfolds before your eyes. This is life, your life, right now, its depth, breadth, and substance incomparable.

Forge new, uplifting connections, with love. Give your most authentic gifts, with joy.

Another day, another moment of life comes into being. Let it be the best one yet.

— Ralph Marston

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What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger

Enrich your life

It’s not standing in your way. It’s pointing the way.

It’s not holding you back. It’s strengthening your determination to move forward.

It’s not an inconvenience, frustration, embarrassment, or ordeal. It’s a situation through which you can enrich your life.

Some day, you’ll be thankful it’s behind you. And you’ll also end up being thankful you went through it.

Life’s richness does not simply pour forth unimpeded, with no effort necessary on your part. Indeed, your effort to build, acquire, nurture, sustain and preserve anything is what makes it into richness.

So go ahead now, go to the trouble, give whatever it takes. And you can make new richness out of whatever comes your way.

— Ralph Marston

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Let Go and let’s grow

Difference of opinion

There are people who have different opinions than you. Those people are not your enemies.

There is much you can learn from those who disagree with you. There is much to be accomplished when people with a wide range of perspectives work together.

Your own viewpoint is not strengthened by blind rejection of other viewpoints. On the contrary, your viewpoint grows stronger when you thoughtfully consider the views of others.

No one has all the answers all the time. Diversity of opinion gives rise to great value whenever it is embraced.

Don’t let your thoughts be imprisoned by your refusal to consider other thoughts. Don’t let your thinking grow stale and ineffective by isolating it from challenges.

Go deeper, and seek to find means of connection and agreement rather than points of contention. Behind every opinion, every perspective, there’s always value to be found.

— Ralph Marston

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