Success Happens

Outlast every failure

If you’re making your best effort, you’re making progress. When that effort doesn’t bring the results you want, keep going.

To get it right, you’ll probably go through many iterations of getting it wrong. Success happens when you’ve worked through enough failures.

Give yourself enough time to fail, and to fail again. That’s how much time it takes to succeed.

Give yourself permission to fail. That’s how you develop the confidence to succeed.

You know where you desire to be, what you desire to create. With every disappointment, you’re smarter, more focused, closer to the goal.

Learn, adjust, innovate, adapt, and keep going. Outlast every failure and you’ll end up with success.

— Ralph Marston

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Own your Circumstances

Own your circumstances

Stop thinking of it as somebody’s fault. Start treating it as your responsibility.

You’ve learned there’s nothing to be gained by looking for something or someone else to blame. You know you have everything to gain by taking responsibility, by doing something good and useful.

So do it. Break free from the useless need to blame, from resentment, from excuses, and break through into action.

Own your circumstances. Whether they are mostly of your making, or mostly not, step forward and make a positive difference.

Rehashing what this person could have done, what that person should not have done, will only drag you down. Get over it, and focus all your attention on what you can do now.

Own your circumstances, no matter what they are, or how they came to be. Own your circumstances, and from them you will make great progress.

— Ralph Marston

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I Wish!!!

Wish and do

Wishing is informative, but not transformative. Wishing is an excellent starting point, yet it is not a viable strategy.

You must forge your wish into a commitment. Then express that commitment with your energy, effort, time, ingenuity and resources.

Take note of your wish, feel it, let it set your direction. Then get up, move in that direction with action, and persevere in your action.

Anything you can imagine, you can wish for. What you actually achieve is whatever you’re willing to work for.

When it means enough to you, a wish feels powerful, almost inevitable. That power you feel, though, is not the wish itself, but your own potential to achieve it.

You’ve had the wish, clarified your direction, and you can sense your great potential to make it happen. Now, fulfill that potential by doing the work to bring your wish to life.

— Ralph Marston

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Never Give up!

Difficult but not impossible

It’s difficult to get back up and get going again when you’ve been repeatedly knocked down. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

It’s difficult to move forward with enthusiasm and energy when much of what you encounter is negative and discouraging. That’s certainly difficult, yet not impossible.

It’s easy to know what you must do. It’s much more difficult to actually do it, yet it’s not impossible.

There are a lot of very worthwhile things that are also very difficult. Just because they are difficult is no reason to shy away from them.

The very fact that something is difficult probably means it is worth doing. Those who achieve great things are those who are willing to do the difficult stuff.

Sure it’s difficult, yet you can do it. When you do, you’ll be adding richness, options, value to your life and your world.

— Ralph Marston


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Sometimes the most powerful agenda is not to have an agenda. There’s even a pleasant name for it, serendipity.

Precise planning, specific purpose, clarity of intention will get you far. Yet when you’re always following a strictly prescribed course, there’s something missing.

Allow yourself time to be curious, to not know, to discover. Make some mistakes and false starts, secure and confident enough not to care about them.

Side roads, literal ones and the figurative ones too, inject new energy and freshness into life. Turn onto one of them, then another, roll the windows down, feel life from a new perspective.

It’s great to have a clear plan, yet that plan must originate somewhere. To know what you want to do, you must do what you don’t know.

Now and then, venture away from the structure you’ve built into your life. Make room for some serendipity, and give your spirit a chance to be renewed through discovery and surprise.

— Ralph Marston

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I Hope I Hope

Great hope

Today, you have great hope. Today, you can act on that hope.

Hope will not accomplish anything on its own. Yet with sufficient hope in your heart, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Hope has no need of being reasonable or realistic to work its magic. Choose to act with hope, and its power is yours.

Certainly, it is true that many hopes are never realized. But even when hope disappoints, living with hope is preferable to living without it.

You cannot know what the future will be, yet you do know how you hope it will be. And you can put that hope into action.

So go ahead, hope for the best you can imagine. And give solid positive direction to your thoughts, your actions, your time and your life.

— Ralph Marston

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It’s the climb

Yours to create

There is no real fulfillment in just having things handed to you. Where fulfillment arises, is in the process of creating it.

Human civilization has become a highly efficient desire fulfillment machine. And the people working to create fulfillment benefit much more than those to whom the resulting trinkets are delivered.

Nothing of value has any meaningful value to you if you have not worked to earn it. When it seems you’re getting something for nothing, what you’re really getting is nothing for nothing.

Like beauty, value exists in the eye of the beholder. Value accrues to you when you invest yourself in it.

Every moment is an opportunity to make such an investment. You are made to make a difference and each time you do, your life grows in richness.

Invest your time, your attention, your effort, expertise, resources, your care, spirit, joy. Always, great fulfillment is yours to create.

— Ralph Marston

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