Be Well

Be well

In all your getting and giving, doing, going, learning, creating, remember this essential objective. Be well.

Your well being is far more important then beating all the other drivers to the next intersection. Take care not to sacrifice any of that well being just to gain a temporary, meaningless win.

You may have good cause to carry a grudge against someone who has wronged you. Yet you have an even better reason to forgive, to let it go, and to be well.

Don’t let your good intentions trample the actual goodness you enable yourself to experience. In every moment, be well.

Give the best of yourself while also taking great care of yourself. Make real progress while also allowing yourself to experience real joy.

Be kind, be generous, be truthful, loving, purposeful, active, effective. And in all you do, be well.

— Ralph Marston

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You Can Do it

You can do this

You can make this happen. You just have to commit yourself fully to it.

Before you start, make sure the goal is authentically yours. Being meaningful enough to you is what makes it reachable by you.

The path to your goal is filled with challenges. Yet you’ve worked through countless challenges before, and you can do it now.

Decide today that you’ll get it done, whatever it takes. Persist in your actions for as long as you must.

If you’re not making any progress, be eager to adjust your approach, to improve your strategy, until you find what works. Then take what works and go with it, with everything you have.

Good, solid, focused work is what will transform possibility into achievement. You can do this, so get going now and make it happen.

— Ralph Marston

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TCT Thoughts Create Things

Choose the best thoughts

Build on the thoughts that serve you. Let go of the thoughts that don’t.

Every action begins with a thought. So choose the thoughts that lead to the most desirable, useful, productive, successful actions.

When a negative, limiting thought such as doubt or dismay appears, you can choose to make it disappear, to replace it with something else. If the negative thought should come back, you can kick it out again.

Changing the thoughts in your mind requires no physical effort, no long waiting period, no specialized skill. All that’s necessary is your intention to do so.

Think of a dark blue convertible driving along a winding, mountainous coastal highway just after sunset. If reading those words can change your thoughts, so can your own intention.

Your thoughts are continuously amplified by your actions into your experience of life. Choose the very best.

— Ralph Marston

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The changes come

Opportunities arise, equipment wears out, people change jobs, new products are introduced. You can be certain that in ways large and small, on a personal level and on a global scale, things change.

Tomorrow, next month, next year, will all be different than today. And being dismayed, resentful, or angry about the changes won’t make them go away.

A much more effective strategy is to pay attention, to accept that the world will change, to adjust and adapt and make positive use of changing conditions. You cannot stop life from changing, yet you can work within those changes to make them for the better.

Not every change is positive, yet you can always find a positive response to whatever the change may be. Most of the world’s changes are beyond your direct control, yet you do have much control over the way your own life changes.

Change is going to happen. So make the commitment in every moment to find new ways that you can do the very best with all those changes.

You can’t stop change but you can work to make it good, and thrive on it, and help others to do the same. Every day the changes come, and every day is your chance to give life even more meaning and value.

— Ralph Marston

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